Trump Tries To Brag About GOP Winning Senate On Twitter & Gets Mocked Hard


Since the 2018 midterm election results have rolling in, Mr. Trump’s mental stability is really being questioned at this point. Even his own officials are steering clear of him at the White House, especially since his trip to Paris last weekend where the whole world watched him make a complete idiot of himself.

On Friday, Trump went on Twitter – one of the few things he is still doing these days – and made a whiny attempt to make Republicans look good while continuing to discredit the media, claiming that at least the GOP is on track to pick up two Senate seats. He tweeted:

‘People are not being told that the Republican Party is on track to pick up two seats in the U.S. Senate, and epic victory: 53 to 47. The Fake News Media only wants to speak of the House, where the Midterm results were better than other sitting Presidents.’

The president has sounded more and more like a petulant child this past week, and his continued efforts to Republicans and himself look good are only causing him to look worse. In addition to his anger about Democrats taking control of the House, Trump has turned his attention to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation as he knows there is not much room to wiggle now.

Trump issued a tweet about “Bob Mueller and his gang of Democrat thugs…destroy(ing) people.” Winter is coming for Mr. Trump and it’s going to be a brutal one. Back in August, Vice President Mike Pence even voiced that Mr. Trump would be impeached if the Democrats take the House.

Twitter was quick to call Trump out on his stupidity:

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube