JUST IN: GOP’r Rips Brian Kemp Apart For Stealing Georgia Midterm Election


Democratic officials have not held back when it comes to issuing harsh criticisms against the Georgia Governor-elect Brian Kemp. However, it’s pretty sad when even Republican strategists offer their own criticisms for members of their own party.

Republican strategist John Weaver has had plenty to say about Kemp. Weaver was H.W. Bush’s political strategist and a campaign adviser to John McCain. He took to Twitter to tear Kemp apart for the way the entire governor race was handled and how his victory is really a sham.

He tweeted:

‘This hack @BrianKempGA is the next “governor*” of Georgia. But he cheated & undermined democracy every step of the way. @staceyabrams should be governor, but isn’t due to actions that can’t be tolerated. She has a bright future. We need a new, enforceable Voting Rights Act. Now!’

At issue has been the fact that Kemp refused to resign from his position as secretary of state for Georgia. Because of this, his entire campaign and now “victory” is shrouded in the fact he held control over the voting process.

At this point, his Democratic rival Stacey Abrams has ended her bid for governor; however, she refused to concede. She explained why she would not concede.

‘Concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true or proper. As a woman of conscience and faith, I cannot concede. I will not concede because the erosion of our democracy is not right.’

Powerful words from a powerful woman who should have been allowed a fair chance at running for governor. The people of Georgia have been shafted by Kemp’s corrupt ways that helped him win at all costs.

You can check out Twitter users’ responses below.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.