Trump Acts A Fool During Saturday Afternoon Twitter Breakdown & It’s Funny


On Saturday, it seemed as if someone else was tweeting from Donald Trump’s phone. After a morning tweet in which he promised to back the woman who will almost definitely be the new Speaker of the House in January after rallying crowds for the midterms by insulting and demonizing her, another strange tweet came in the afternoon.

Trump previously referred to Gillum, who ran a very narrow race against Ron DeSantis in Florida, a “thief” and said he was the mayor of “the most corrupt” city in the world. His sudden praise for Gillum followed another tweet praising Georgia’s Stacey Abrams and saying what a bright future she will have in politics.

With Democrats not only poised to take over the House but also promising to begin investigations into Trump’s tax returns and hold him accountable for his many misdeeds, it appears Trump is ready to make peace. He even offered on Saturday morning to help Pelosi get as many votes as she needs to become the Speaker. Pelosi, after all, has called for several investigations into Trump, his businesses, his violations of the emoluments clause, and his foreign business ties.

If Trump believes that this new, complimentary tone to his tweets are going to sway Democrats to his side, he’s clearly delusional. Democratic voters want Trump held accountable and are frustrated with his corrupt administration.

Twitter wasn’t buying the new, softer tone, either. See some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license