Ivanka Busted Using Personal Email Server To Conduct Government Business


Remember in 2016, when Donald Trump wouldn’t shut up about Hillary Clinton using a private email server to conduct government business? It’s likely you haven’t been able to forget, as we are still subjected to hearing those chants of “Lock Her Up!!” at Trump’s rallies.

It got so bad that it likely cost her the election. Now we are stuck with this disgusting buffoon for the next two years, unless Special Counsel Robert Mueller finds something that will put Trump in prison for the rest of his life.

Now, though, it looks like Trump’s precious daughter Ivanka has gotten herself into some hot water for the same reason! According to a new report by The Washington PostIvanka sent hundreds of emails to WH aides as well as her assistant and Cabinet officials, many of which went against federal records rules.

The Post reports:

‘White House ethics officials learned of Trump’s repeated use of personal email when reviewing emails gathered last fall by five Cabinet agencies to respond to a public records lawsuit. That review revealed that throughout much of 2017, she often discussed or relayed official White House business using a private email account with a domain that she shares with her husband, Jared Kushner.

‘The discovery alarmed some advisers to President Trump, who feared that his daughter’s practices bore similarities to the personal email use of Hillary Clinton, an issue he made a focus of his 2016 campaign. Trump attacked his Democratic challenger as untrustworthy and dubbed her “Crooked Hillary” for using a personal email account as secretary of state.’

The emails were discovered by the liberal watchdog group, American Oversight, when they filed a public records request.

In response to the report, Ivanka Trump’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, issued a statement:

‘While transitioning into government, after she was given an official account but until the White House provided her the same guidance they had given others who started before she did, Ms. Trump sometimes used her personal account, almost always for logistics and scheduling concerning her family.’

Executive Director of American Oversight, Austin Evers, had this to say:

‘There’s the obvious hypocrisy that her father ran on the misuse of personal email as a central tenet of his campaign. There is no reasonable suggestion that she didn’t know better.’

Ivanka’s attorney went on to say:

 ‘Ms. Trump did not create a private server in her house or office, no classified information was ever included, the account was never transferred at Trump Organization, and no emails were ever deleted.’

It remains to be seen what, if anything, will happen to Ivanka. It definitely changes the tune of “Lock Her UP!!” though, doesn’t it?

Featured image via YouTube.