BREAKING: House Dems Announce Investigation Into Trump Admin Appointee


Recent tweets by Donald Trump has raised suspicions about his newly appointed acting AG, Matthew Whitaker, and his new oversight of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and Russian government operatives.

In those tweets, Trump claimed to have insider knowledge of the investigation.

Screenshot-at-Nov-20-11-18-06 BREAKING: House Dems Announce Investigation Into Trump Admin Appointee Corruption Donald Trump Featured Politics Russia Top Stories

Screenshot-at-Nov-20-11-18-27 BREAKING: House Dems Announce Investigation Into Trump Admin Appointee Corruption Donald Trump Featured Politics Russia Top Stories

In combination with earlier statements made by Whitaker regarding his objection to the Mueller probe, Trump’s claims are problematic. Only Mueller’s team and now Whitaker should have any knowledge of how Mueller’s investigation is being conducted. While Trump is likely lying about the investigation being “a mess,” Chuck Schumer and other Democrats are more concerned than ever that Whitaker is serving as a spy for the Trump administration.

In a letter to Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Schumer raised those concerns and requested an investigation into Whitaker:

‘I am particularly concerned about whether Mr. Whitaker may have shared with the White House, or could share in his new role, confidential grand jury or investigative information from the Special Counsel investigation or any criminal investigation.’

While many investigations into Trump’s suspected obstruction of justice are sure to begin with Democrats in control of the House, the only person who can now end or limit Mueller’s investigation is the man overseeing it, and his behavior has come under increased scrutiny. Whitaker served as Sessions’ chief of staff prior to his new appointment, and may have shared information he was privy to even at that time.

POLITICO reports:

‘Schumer requested that the inspector general provide information on whether Whitaker had access to confidential information related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation when he was chief of staff and whether Whitaker provided any assurance to the White House that he would interfere with the Mueller investigation.’

The appointment of Whitaker is problematic in other ways, as well. He has not been confirmed by the Senate despite constitutional requirements that anyone performing the duties of the U.S. attorney general should be. His earlier statements that have raised concerns are not only related to the Mueller probe but his Trumpian-like calls for Hillary Clinton to be investigated.

His relationship with the Trump administration is suspected to be the reason he was appointed.

‘Matthew G. Whitaker, the attorney general’s chief of staff, jockeyed over the last two months to replace his boss by forging a close relationship with the White House, where he was seen as a reliable political ally…was openly hostile on television and social media toward the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, and was seen by department officials as a partisan and a White House spy.’

This wouldn’t be the first time Trump has been seen to openly obstruct justice in the Mueller investigation. His firing of FBI Director James Comey, which Trump admitted was related to the FBI’s investigation and which Whitaker has publicly supported, will also surely be a part of Mueller’s investigation.

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