Dems Turn Another House Seat Bright Blue – Republicans Go Off Deep End


A lot of people think that the expected big blue wave didn’t hit this election cycle, but they’d be wrong. What the Democrats were able to accomplish by taking back the House in a heavily gerrymandered country is nothing short of incredible. Well yesterday, NBC News announced that the Democrats picked up another House seat, this time in New Mexico, giving them a whopping 38 seat gain in Congress. Kyle Griffin, the producer of The Last Word on MSNBC, announced on his Twitter account that Democrat Xochitl Torres Small won his race.

It’s beyond amazing that the Democrats will now be able to put a firm check on Donald Trump and his corrupt administration. They’ll also be in charge of real investigations into Trump unlike what the Republicans have done to date. If they’re successful we should finally get a look at Trump’s taxes and how deep his ties with Russia go.

The Twitterverse was really happy with NBC’s announcement today. Check out some of their responses.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube