Middle Schooler Body Slammed By Large Campus Cop On Camera (VIDEO)


Although the GOP, beholden to their NRA donors, continue to insist that arming teachers is the answer to gun violence in schools, there has been no better example of why that idea is so dangerous than video released of a young, black middle school student being brutally attacked by two police officers.

The violent incident of child abuse caught on video comes from Brusley Middle School in Louisiana. One local news station described the incident after the video was sent to them by an anonymous source.

‘The footage shows a young male student, believed to be 14-years-old, walk into the office and approach the desk where staff members appear to help him make a phone call. Sources familiar with the case said the student had just gotten into a verbal argument with the school’s vice principal and was in the office to call his grandmother to come pick him up.

‘The boy remains standing in the same spot until it appears he no longer wants to make the phone call. He steps away from the desk and walks toward the exit. The officer, who towers over the teen at about twice his size, steps toward the kid, puts him in a rear choke hold, and slams him to the ground.’

Just as in the cases of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, the officers insisted that the student attempted to reach for his gun to justify the violence perpetrated against him, and the student admits to doing so during the struggle. However, that didn’t happen before the attack but during, as the student was moving toward the door and grabbed from behind, facing away from the officer and his gun, when the first officer physically attacked him while other adults in the room looked on.

Both officers have since resigned and an investigation is currently underway. Possible charges of excessive force are being considered.

Featured image via video