Trump Continues Wednesday Night Twitter Tantrum With Climate Change Lies


Republicans have never been believers in climate change; however, their refusal to believe in something that is scientifically proven is mind-blowing and also dangerous for the global population.

Image via YouTube screenshot.

However, don’t tell that to Trump. Apparently, Trump has it in his head that global warming means the entire planet should be on fire, and cold weather shouldn’t exist anymore. Granted, anyone with common sense knows that’s not how it works, but this is Trump we’re talking about here.

In a new tweet that further reveals his ignorance, Trump blasted the concept of global warming because cold weather is to be expected.

‘Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS – Whatever happened to Global Warming?’

Let’s take a look at something that Trump does mention here. Areas of the United States will experience record-shattering cold weather. The United States has managed to have record-shattering weather events more and more over the past decade.

What used to be referred to as a storm of the century is now referred to as a storm of the month, basically. We should not be experiencing such extreme weather conditions in the manner we are, yet it’s happening.

There is obviously something at work here that’s causing this, and scientists point towards climate change as being the cause.

Don’t ask Trump, though. He’s going to tell you it’s all fake news and that climate change isn’t real because the world should obviously be uniformly hot.

Scientists even tried to remedy the misguidance the masses suffered by the use of the term “global warming.” That’s why it is now referred to as climate change. Furthermore, almost 100 percent of climate scientists agree that the planet is warming, and it is indeed related to the activities of humans.

Users on Twitter pointed out the lunacy and idiocy behind Trump’s statement over Twitter. Supporters of Trump also mentioned that climate change was fake news. You can check those responses out below.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.