Trump Fans Hilariously Melt Down After Chief Justice Roberts Challenges Donald


This week, for the first apparent time, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts challenged President Donald Trump — and fans of the president are furious.

Pressed by the Associated Press, Roberts insisted that U.S. judges should not be considered in separate categories based on who appointed them and should instead be afforded equal respect as a rule. Trump had previously dismissed Federal District Judge Jon Tigar after he struck down a Trump administration effort to deny asylum to migrants who don’t cross the border at designated ports of entry.

The jab was one of a still growing list the president has launched against the judiciary, but for all their stated concern about respecting the rule of law and so on and so forth, only when Roberts dared respond to the president did some on the right raise hell — or try to, at least.

Conservative activist Charlie Kirk — who’s palled around with the president himself while making a career out of posting dumb stuff on social media (sound familiar, Trump?) ranted:

‘Donald Trump is spot on – judges nominated by Obama believe in a “living” constitution, they legislate through their opinions and believe the constitution should be totally changed Obama’s judges have blocked Trump’s agenda time and time again Roberts is wrong here, again.’

Unsurprisingly Kirk provides no citation for his claim that judges emerging while a Democrat is in the White House all believe that the Constitution “should be totally changed.”

Does he think, then, that we should nullify all judicial appointments from the Obama era? Did he even think that one through long enough to get to the point of that question before angrily typing out his fatalistic nonsense?

He’s not alone in his criticism of the judiciary and Chief Justice Roberts in particular. Others, like radio host Bill Mitchell, angrily pointed out another major point where Roberts had diverged from the conservative base — ObamaCare. Twice he’s voted to uphold the monumental health care law — once he supported the since repealed “individual mandate,” and more recently, in 2015, he held that Americans in every state should have access to government subsidies for health insurance.

It’s amazing that some on the right make it such a core part of their platform to be so angry for people to have health care.

Mitchell ranted:


A bit later he added:

‘Is Chief Justice Roberts implying Far Left Liberal Judges appointed by Obama have no political bias? Please. I don’t know about this guy.’

The responses go on.

Conspiracy theorist Wayne Allyn Root — who’s appeared on stage with Trump and thinks the shooter who attacked a country music festival in Las Vegas was with ISIS — ranted, addressing Roberts directly:

‘You’re either naive fool, or corrupt, or playing for other team. You’re DAMN right there are Obama judges. I’ve watched Democrat judges do terrible things my entire adult life. What a stupid thing to say. A coward & scared of own shadow. Can’t admit truth.’

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