Democrats Reveal Post-Thanksgiving Investigation Plans, Trump Flies Into Tantrum


The death of Jamal Khashoggi is tragic, but Trump’s response to his death makes it all the more horrific. On Thursday, Trump answered questions about The Washington Post journalist by saying that “the world” is to blame, because “the world is a vicious place.”

While that may be true, it isn’t “the world” who killed Khashoggi. He was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul by people that the CIA believes may have been acting on the commands of Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. Trump has dismissed those claims, once again appearing to be taking the side of a foreign leader over his own intelligence agencies.

Questions have arisen over why exactly Trump seems to want to give the Saudis a pass, and he’s claimed it’s due to the jobs created by U.S. deals with Saudi Arabia and lower gas prices as a result of his relationship with them. Those questions, however, may soon be answered with more accuracy as Democrats plan to begin an investigation in the House.

Adam Schiff told The Washington Post,

‘Certainly we will be delving further into the murder of Khashoggi, and I want to make sure that the committee is fully debriefed on it,” Schiff told me. “We will certainly want to examine what the intelligence community knows about the murder.’

Schiff said that, at this time, what the CIA has concluded is not concrete, but that the reports need to be compared to Trump’s statements in order to determine what his sources are.

‘We’ll look at what the intelligence community assessments are at any given time. Then it will be quite clear whether the president is relying on the intelligence community and our best source of information or whether the president is representing something very different.’

Congress has the ability to impose sanctions should Trump continue to refuse even after all of the facts are known, said Schiff.

‘“If members of Congress are able to get a complete briefing on Saudi Arabia” or on other matters, Schiff told me, and this shows “the facts to be at odds with what the president is representing,” then Congress will be “armed with good enough information that it can take action to make sure that our national interests are protected and that we base our policy on the facts.”’

This investigation is likely to be the first of many regarding Trump and his lies to the American people.

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