Nasty White Woman Caught On Camera Attacking Minority In Restaurant


In case you needed a reminder that President Donald Trump is not alone in his racism in the United States — here’s a story of a white woman caught on camera proudly touting her violent racist views to a random stranger with a Puerto Rican background.

That stranger, a woman named Lennys Bermudez Molina, had asked the woman if she could use the seat next to her at a Phoenix, Arizona, area restaurant. The woman jumped right into a combative, defensive stance — and once she started wielding her racism, Molina got her cellphone out and began recording the interaction.

In video she captured, the unnamed woman says she’d “prefer the whole freaking nation be white.”

After Bermudez countered with the reality that non-white people aren’t going to magically stop existing just because racists want them to, the woman replied:

‘Oh it’s going to happen. You’re going to be wiped out.’

Eventually, the racist stormed out of the restaurant and sat outside — and before she left, a manager at the restaurant where the interaction unfolded (a Wildflower Bread Company eatery) confronted her about her behavior.

Wildflower Bread Company founder Louis Basile told local media that he was “saddened and shocked” that the incident unfolded in his restaurant.

He explained:

‘We really embrace the diversity of not only our workforce but of course our customers. If a guest is uncomfortable in one of our restaurants, we’d like them to come to the manager.’

Bermurdez explained her take:

‘It’s really disheartening to experience that. I don’t want to let go of the hope I have in people to be right and to do the right thing.’

She added to local media that although the experience left her deeply uncomfortable, she is “comforted by all of the messages of support that she’s receiving.”

Although Basile and many others have joined Bermudez’s side in the situation, the racist woman in the video is not alone, with viral videos of repugnant racists — and incidents of more direct violence — continuously emerging as the months drag on.

Just look at the neo-Nazis that keep popping up across the U.S. Just recently, the “Proud Boys” fraternal organization attacked protesters who’d gathered outside an event they held in NYC, and in the aftermath, it came out that that FBI had internally designated the group as an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism.”

Going even higher up the social ladder, President Donald Trump has stood before the nation and world and parroted views that give the racist Arizona woman’s violence a place to flourish.

He has cast immigrants from Central America as an “invading force” and a fundamental threat to American society to the point of his administration dispatching thousands of active duty troops to the southern border to meet migrants.

Violence against minority communities grows from that effort to cast human beings committing the “crime” of wanting a better life as worthy of a military response. There’s no way to separate the two, and both continue to fester in the American sociopolitical scene.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video