Trump Flies Awake To Deliver Post-Thanksgiving Scream-Rant Like An Angry Dictator


After a long campaign season and two years in office during which Donald Trump has insulted every Democratic politician who has ever disagreed with him publicly, not to mention his most famous campaign promise to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it, he began tweeting on Friday morning about bipartisanship and an American taxpayer-funded border wall.

Trump’s supporters live in constant fear of brown people coming across the border to invade their homes, rape women and girls, and kill everyone. Meanwhile, they ignore the home-grown white supremacist terrorists living next door to them, being emboldened by a racist president whose job consists mostly of fear-mongering for votes and lying to them.

His warnings impress no one, least of all the Democrats who will finally be able to hold Trump accountable for his many violations of the Constitution. No matter how many times he rants and rails over the federal judiciary system blocking his attempts to change immigration laws with an executive order, there are limits to presidential powers in the United States. When Democrats take over the House in January, Trump is going to find out just how limited those powers really are.

Despite Trump’s claims to be a “stable genius,” he doesn’t seem smart enough to avoid picking fights with the people who can hold him accountable. His recent attacks on Chief Justice John Roberts, the man who may very well oversee his impeachment, and now his rantings about Democrats may finally be several schoolyard bully insults too far.

Twitter users don’t seem nearly as concerned with the threat posed by immigrants coming in through the southern border as they are the threat coming from the man in the White House. See some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license

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