Antisemitic Bigot Goes Psycho In A Delta Air Terminal, Karma Hits Instantly


Ever since Donald Trump took office his hate speeches and violent rhetoric have caused a lot of division in this country. Because of Trump, bigots have felt free to come out of the closet in droves and attack people perceived as different from themselves. Take what happened today on a plane that landed in Atlanta. Jordan Dale, a production assistant with @Hill.TV, took some spectacular footage of a bigoted man throwing a fit while in the process of getting arrested for his antisemitic rant while on the airplane.

It’s kind of ironic that he talks about “a white guy with blue eyes” being a Nazi, after what he did on that plane. One has to wonder if the blue eyed, white guy thought that this man was the real Nazi on that flight. Violence against Jews is getting out of hand in this country. It hasn’t even been a month since a man walked into a synagogue in Pittsburgh and brutally murdered 11 people.

Unfortunately, our so-called president turned around and blamed Jewish people for the attack. He said that the whole attack could have been avoided if the synagogue only had security guards at their doors. That’s simply ridiculous. Trump doesn’t think that Christians should have security guards on hand during their services, so why does he expect Jewish people to do the same thing?

When will these bigots learn that it’s no okay to discriminate against other people? Unfortunately, as long as we have a man sitting in the White House who is a bigot himself, these things will continue to happen until he’s out of office. It’s almost unfathomable that Republicans still throw their support behind a man like Donald Trump. Well, it’s really not considering that almost all bigots in this country are Republicans.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube