Trump-Loving Ex-Pastor Charged With Brutal Murder & Sodomy


There’s something horrifically wrong with some people on the Christian right in this country. Most religious right-wingers don’t act anything like Jesus asked them to act. The more fanatical ones act like they’re taking their cues straight from the Satan instead. For instance, USA Today reported that this week in Missouri a right-wing preacher walked into a Catholic supply store, took three women hostage, killed one of them and sodomized the other two.

On Wednesday, St. Louis County authorities charged 53-year-old Thomas Bruce of Imperial, Missouri, with murder, sodomy, and kidnapping for allegedly attacking the three women in the St. Louis suburb of Ballwin. Bruce had walked into the supply store and forced three women into a back room at gunpoint.

Once he got them into the back room he allegedly exposed himself and ordered them to perform deviant sexual acts on him. One of the women refused him so he shot her in the head. After he murdered her he allegedly ordered the other two women to continue the sexual acts. Afterward, he fled the scene. He was captured after a two-day manhunt that caused some schools, churches and other businesses to close.

The county’s police chief, John Belmar, said the crime was one of the most disturbing things he’d ever had occasion to investigate. The investigation into Bruce uncovered the fact that he’s totally against gun-free zones and that he thinks criminals should be put on notice that they will be stopped. Well, the St. Louis County authorities certainly stopped Bruce’s reign of terror. It’s too bad that he wasn’t stopped by one of those gun-wielding nuts he’s so fond of.

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