Trump Tweets Evil Saturday Night Nonsense About Locking Up Refugees


Donald Trump just loves to make a fool of himself on Twitter. He tells more lies and spouts more nonsense than any other tweeter out there. Take his tweet about Mexican immigrants and our southern border for example. This evening he tweeted that he’s single-handedly going to break the law and refuse entry to people who come to our border even the ones asking for asylum because their lives are in danger.

First off, our laws allow migrants to enter the country when they come here asking for asylum. They’re given a court date and told to return for their judgement. Trump would have you believe that less than 10 percent of those people return for their court dates…that is a lie. On average 75 percent of asylum seekers return for their court dates. Why wouldn’t they? It’s in their best interest to be granted asylum so they can stay here lawfully.

Secondly Trump’s just itching to close the border. In recent days he’s threatened to do it, and made sure that Mexican industry owners knew that if he closed it they wouldn’t be allowed to ship their products here. It’s anyone’s guess what game he’s playing here. Maybe he thinks he’ll get better trade deals if he scares Mexican business owners into thinking they won’t have access to our markets. Who knows?

In reality, Trump’s just blowing hot air in the form of massive lies because he thinks it will result in more people voting for him…if he’s not in jail by the next election that is. One thing is perfectly clear — we don’t need his hateful, old-white-guy rhetoric anymore. It doesn’t help anyone in this country. In fact, he’s destroying our good name with the rest of the world.

Check out what the Twitterverse had to say about today’s tweets.

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