Nooses And Ominous Messages Found At Capitol Monday Morning


Nooses and several hate signs were discovered and have since been removed in Jackson, Mississippi, at the State Capitol this morning at around 7:15am, per WLOX.

In the Trump climate, which is inundated in hateful rhetoric and amplified hostility, news of disgusting hatred is becoming an every-other-day occurrence. Some are the work of Trump supports themselves, while other vile acts are committed by emboldened people who have come out from the shadows because they feel safe and secure to do to so.

Since this morning, police in Jackson at the Mississippi State Capitol have taken down the nooses and signs.Currently, authorities are reviewing their surveillance video to see if they can spot who is responsible for the disgraceful stunt.

Hate crimes have been on the rise, steadily, since Donald Trump took office in 2017. To check out incidents and offenses, the victims, the offenders and locations (among other specific specifications) in 2017, you can view public data, made available by the FBI via their Hate Crime Statistics page.

Right from the gate, Trump introduced himself as a President who will reign with fear. Per the NAACP:

‘From campaign to election, this president has spewed the language of division and hate and it has manifested in not only racist policies but in racists acts against people of color and other groups’ – NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson

For the state of Mississippi, the timing for this stunt couldn’t be worse. Tonight Donald Trump will be in town to help boost fellow-racist, Cindy Hyde-Smith. It is not a coincidence that nooses as well as hateful signs have been discovered on this day. Hyde-Smith has been outspoken with her racism; from wearing confederate hats, to talking about an all-white segregation academy, she is no peach herself.

Despite her disgusting antics, she still gets desperate support from fellow Republicans.

I’m guessing that neither Donald Trump or Cindy Hyde-Smith will denounce the hate crime any time soon, since their base wouldn’t agree with them, should that happen. In Trump’s America, it is party over people and fear wins.

Featured image from WLOX, per WLBT.