Trump Claims He Looks Like Elvis On Camera & The Results Are Amazing


In a last-ditch effort to stump for Mississippi incumbent Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, Trump flew to Tupelo, Mississippi to hold a rally for the senator who is facing off in a runoff election against Democrat Mike Espy.

Tupelo isn’t just some backwater Mississippi podunk town. It actually does have some history with Elvis Presley having been born there. Elvis would go on to make music history and set the scene for rock-n-roll throughout the United States, and Donald J. Trump actually believes he looks like Elvis.

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This is Trump’s exact quote.

‘… And the proud birthplace of the king of rock-n-roll Elvis. Elvis! We love Elvis. I shouldn’t say this because you’ll say I am very conceited, but I am not. Other than the blond hair, when I was growing up they said I looked like Elvis. Do you see that? I always considered that a great compliment.’

Stop right there. No. No, no, and for a third time NO. There is no way in this universe or in any other parallel universe that Donald J. Trump looks just like Elvis or ever did.

Elvis won the hearts of millions of young girls and women throughout the United States. Additionally, he didn’t look like a grub worm rolled in Cheeto dust. Also, Elvis actually served in the army and didn’t dodge the draft. Elvis also donated his pay from the army to charity and was generous to his fellow soldiers. Trump had bone spurs.

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Trump is conceited; however, that’s not the case here. In this case, he is absolutely delusional and obviously hasn’t looked in the mirror lately. If he looks in the mirror and sees Elvis, Congress needs to begin the process of removing Trump for being out of his ever-loving mind.

You can check out Twitter users’ responses below.

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