Trump Goes Berserk About Mueller On Twitter Like A Future DOC Member


Early Tuesday morning, our so-called “president” took to Twitter with one of his psycho rants about the Mueller investigation, calling Mueller “conflicted” and “a damage to our criminal justice system.”

That tweet above marks around the 10th time since the midterm elections that Trump has used his favorite platform to mock Mueller and criticize the investigation that he loves to call a “witch hunt.”

Does Trump really think that this crazy way of ranting and raving to his base via Twitter makes him look innocent? He must, because he was at it again this evening when he tweeted:

‘The Mueller Witch Hunt is a total disgrace. They are looking at supposedly stolen Crooked Hillary Clinton Emails (even though they don’t want to look at the DNC Server), but have no interest in the Emails that Hillary DELETED & acid washed AFTER getting a Congressional Subpoena!’

I can’t even count how many times he’s mentioned “Crooked Hillary” this month. It’s way past pathetic at this point, and his lunacy did not go unnoticed. Here’s what the internet had to say:

Trump is running scared and it’s glaringly obvious. Let’s just all hope that Mueller hurries! It’s time to lock Trump and his cronies up once and for all.

Featured image via YouTube