Trump Responds To Questions About Gassing Women & Children Like A Monster


The disturbing scenes from the southern border of the United States as migrant families, including women and small children, were sprayed with tear gas stunned the nation.

Answering questions from reporters while at the White House, Trump was asked to give his thoughts after seeing those children running and suffering from the tear gas border agents sprayed them with.

‘Well, I say why were they there? I mean, the tear gas is a very minor form of the tear gas itself. It’s very safe.’

One has to wonder if that gas is safe enough that Trump would feel comfortable having it sprayed inside the White House or in the homes where his children and grandchildren live. There is no such thing as “safe” tear gas, especially not when it’s lobbed at small children.


One Newsweek reporter who traveled with the caravan reported on the scene these people faced when reaching the U.S. border after walking 1,000 miles, some with babies and children on their backs.

‘Though the migrants travel thousands of miles to reach the U.S.-Mexican border, a policy enacted by former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions makes it difficult for them to seek asylum. Additionally, the Trump administration militarized the border and made the caravan of migrants a focal point of the recent midterm elections…[and] he threatened to close the border permanently, unless Mexico deports asylum seekers: “Do it by plane, do it by bus, do it any way you want, but they are NOT coming into the U.S.A.,” he tweeted.’

There was no reason for the scene that greeted these people as they risked everything to bring their children to safety and a better life. Although they tried to come in legally under federal asylum processes in which an immigrant presents themselves at an approved checkpoint and applies for asylum status, Trump barred them from doing so even though a court order declared doing so illegal.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube