Check Out The Moment Ivanka Found Out Her Dad OK’d Lethal Force On Refugees


Ivanka Trump just goes with whatever is happening, which is exactly how The Donald likes his women. This may be why Ivanka is Trump’s favorite child. Ivanka is willing to make a complete ass of herself publicly for her father, and that is exactly what happened Wednesday when Ivanka sat for an interview with ABC’s Deborah Roberts to discuss her latest private email scandal, as well as her father’s gassing of refugees at the border.

Ivanka seemed to be completely stumped when Roberts mentioned her father’s green-lighting of lethal force when policing people seeking asylum at the border. She looked at Roberts as if she was trying to get a feel as to whether or not she was being baited into saying something stupid, which she sort of laughed off as she arrogantly “white-washed” what her father did to innocent children at the border.

Check out the robot for Trump in action below:

Ivanka gets called out in mid-lie on national TV for covering for Trump

BREAKING: Ivanka Trump was just left stunned as ABC caught her lying to cover for her dad, and then rolled out the tape! Her reaction is absolutely priceless…Video by Occupy Democrats host Brian Tyler Cohen.

Posted by Occupy Democrats on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Just look at this face. It’s very telling of a person who knows nothing about what her father is doing and chooses to blindly follow the dollar signs with a severe lack of the wit it would take to make an intelligent determination what reality looks like. This is the face of someone who doesn’t even know she’s in a mountain of legal trouble.

There is no plastic surgery procedure that could fix this problem. There is no hiding who she truly is for once in her privileged life. Ivanka will be going down. The comments under this video were worth saving as well, as America’s tolerance for anything Trump is seriously dwindling. Check out the best reactions below: