Confederate Float At Children’s XMAS Parade Receives Angered Greeting


During the holiday season, events for children and families are normally plentiful and include many opportunities for cheerful, upbeat, and inclusive celebrations. However, one Christmas event was quite the opposite and was in fact disturbing.

A video has surfaced on Facebook showing two white men being confronted after crashing a kids’ Christmas parade with a Confederate float.

White men confronted for Confederate float at kids' parade

BREAKING: Two white men were just confronted on camera by a hero after crashing a kids' Christmas parade with a Confederate float. THIS IS AMERICA…Video by Occupy Democrats. Follow us for more!

Posted by Occupy Democrats on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The person operating the camera says:

‘You guys have any candy? You guys are supposed to have candy.’

One of the men answers:

‘I got bullets. You want bullets?’

The camera man then asks:

‘Why do you have a rifle with a bayonet on it?’

The guy says:

‘I’m looking for Yankees!’

One black onlooker turned her back on them, saying:

‘It was supposed to be a Christmas parade. Everything that goes along with Christmas was supposed to be celebrated.’

Another man confronts the racists on the float and asks:

‘Are y’all fighting for slavery?’

One of the men says:

‘No! We were against that.’

The man confronting them says:

‘You know. What the South fought for?’

One of the men on the float who either doesn’t hear or is seemingly confused asks:


The man repeats himself:

‘You know. What the South fought for?’

The guy answers back:

‘Economics too.’

The parade was sponsored by the Rodeo of the Ozarks, who defended the float. The float was sponsored by the Sons of Confederate Veterans who refused to comment.

This country continues to crumble to due to the hateful racist rhetoric that Mr. Trump spews on an almost daily basis. It is sad and unfortunate that such a float would even be considered for entry in a Christmas parade.

Featured image is a screenshot from Facebook