Official Close To Trump Resigns Amidst Rumors Of Insane W.H. Turmoil


Another top member of the Donald Trump administration is heading for the door. This White House has been filled with chaos and a revolving door of people who wanted in. Yet, they could not wait to escape the many rages, the backstabbing, and the instability. This time, Trump is losing a man close to him after less than a year.

Jordan Karem is POTUS’ personal aide, technically, but he has been far more than that to the president. After all, Trump has had few friends remain once he threw them under the bus.

Karem has not only been Trump’s “body man,” but his confidant. The president’s man also took care of all the travel and personal needs of 45. More than that, Karem filled “longtime Trump aides John McEntee’s and Keith Schiller’s jobs combined.”

The man leaving the president’s side usually relayed messages to him. He frequently advised the man sitting in the Oval Office, too.

Karem was the person that the commander-in-chief saw first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. The Associated Press reported that Trump released a statement praising his staffer’s “loyalty and commitment:”

‘I know he will do many great things in the future.’

The aide started with the Trump presidential campaign in 2015. His job was to make certain everything was ready for the president’s rallies, an advance man. Then, he moved up to the almost-vice-president, Mike Pence, and worked as his press director.

Karem became Trump’s personal aide just last March and will be leaving within weeks. The White House expects a burst of exits, now that the presidency has hit its two-year mark.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.