WaPo Trolls Kavanaugh In Most Hilarious Way Imaginable – GOP Snowflakes Melt


Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified under oath at Kavanaugh’s hearing that he assaulted her while they were both teens, back in the 1980’s. She is also an expert on trauma. As a result of her performing her civic duty, her life has become filled with constant security. She has to protect herself and her family from pro-Kavanaugh people who would do them harm. On the other hand, Kavanaugh holds the highest job in his profession, Supreme Court (SCOTUS) Justice for the rest of his life. Now, this has happened for him.

During Kavanaugh’s contentious Senate hearing, he feared he would lose his opportunity to coach his daughters’ basketball team. The then judge said:

‘I love coaching more than anything I’ve ever done in my whole life. But thanks to what some of you on this side of the committee have unleashed (the Democrats on the panel), I may never be able to coach again.’

Fast forward seven weeks. Like Dr. Blasey, the newest justice has kept a low profile. Kavanaugh skipped the Federalist Society’s annual gala, the very conservative group that grooms judges for SCOTUS seats. He also decided to forego the traditional walk with Chief Justice Roberts descending the Supreme Court’s steps.

Now, the SCOTUS justice has gone back to serving homeless people meals at Catholic Charities. More than that, Kavanaugh was back on the basketball court.

Athletic director of St. Jerome, Joe Sego, said he had no doubt that Kavanaugh would soon return to coach his own daughters’ teams. Sego said this in spite the changes in the justice’s security and schedule. The director even said that protests would not stop his friend:

‘I was very concerned when the confirmation hearings were going on that we could run into some issues. But I figured since a little bit of time had gone on and things had kind of settled down, that it would be okay — and it was. There was no issue whatsoever.’

The justice said:

‘I love helping the girls grow into confident players. I know that confidence on the basketball court translates into confidence in other aspects of life.’.

Kavanaugh has a temper though. His younger daughter’s team played in the under-12 championship match and lost to Holy Redeemer of Kensington. When asked for a comment, the justice was too angry to respond, so his friend who was sitting adjacent covered for him. Sego said:

‘He knew he was a big underdog.  It’s easy to get frustrated with a group of preteens, but he had his girls fighting all game long.’


The newest justice had over a dozen players, current and former, pictured behind him during his first round of Senate hearings. He even introduced them by name. Many in the public felt Kavanaugh was using his coaching to diminish the justice’s down side — the sexual assault charges and his anti-abortion stance.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.