JUST IN: Cohen Implicates Trump Jr. During Thursday Revelation


The possible crimes surrounding Donald Trump and his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. are swirling closer and closer to the truth. As such, the often-missing truth has been tightening its stranglehold on the first family. Trump’s fixer, former personal attorney Michael Cohen, just admitted to something that has Trump and family knocked back on their heels.

Former special counsel to the Department of Defense and co-editor-in-chief of @justsecurity, Ryan Goodman, pointed out that Michael Cohen “briefed family members:”

‘What Donald Trump Jr told Congress about Moscow Tower deal. Note Michael Cohen plea: “briefed family members…within the Company about the project.” Don Jr to Senate: Sater worked on deal “in 2015.” “I wasn’t involved.” Were you aware Cohen reached out to Kremlin? “No, I was not”‘

Cohen spent 70 hours spilling his guts to the Robert Mueller investigation into the Russian attack on the 2016 presidential election and any conspiracy between POTUS and Moscow.

The president’s son Don Jr. testified before a Senate committee that he knew nothing about any real estate deal involving Russian oligarchs. If he lied, that was a crime. Yet, Cohen just testified in a Manhattan, New York federal court that he briefed the Trump family.

The way Russia works is that President Vladimir Putin allows his oligarchs to do business and keep their massive fortunes. Putin’s oligarch, known as the builder, may have been involved in a real estate deal concerning the Trump business. Putin approves major project and takes his cut of the action through government security agencies.

The president leases his name to skyscrapers, hotel complexes, and other real estate, but someone else does the actual construction. That was what he wanted to accomplish with the country charged with attacking the U.S.

Cohen’s testimony in Manhattan meant that either he was telling a lie to the federal U.S. court, or Don Jr. lied to Congress. The committee asked the president’s son whether he was aware that Cohen had contacted the Kremlin, and he responded as the president often says, “strongly:”

‘No, I was not.’

Mueller and his team have not commented on whether they would charge the president’s son with making false statements to Congress.

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