Methodist Church Changes Marquee To Troll Trump Like Real Christians


For all of Donald Trump’s bluster about being a fine Christian, he sure doesn’t act that way. In fact, he almost always goes against the teachings of Jesus. That was the case this week after Trump’s border agents tear gassed innocent people seeking asylum at the border, and it’s a certainty that they did it on Trump’s orders.

Now, a Methodist church in Washington, D.C. has a message for Trump and those agents and they put it on the sign in front of their church.

‘I was a stranger and you tear gassed me”…wait a second.’

Copyright by Warren Gill/General Board of Church and Society

The sign was posted prominently on the United Methodist Building that’s located adjacent to the Capitol Building and the Supreme Court, so hopefully, Trump will have to look at it with shame in his heart as he passes by.

The Hill reported that Warren Gill, the spokesman for the General Board of Church and Society, said the church:

‘Posted the sign to highlight the disconnect between the words of Jesus and the actions of the U.S. government. The United Methodist Church has made clear that welcoming sojourners is central to our faithfulness to scripture. I spoke with migrants on a recent trip to the U.S.-Mexico border. People are fleeing authentic and disturbing violence, violence most Americans only see in fiction. … People are fleeing this violence and were welcomed at the border with tear gas.’

Gill went on to say that:

‘Jesus was clear that individuals are called to love our neighbors and protect children. We must welcome the stranger. There were barefooted babies at the U.S.-Mexico border this weekend, and the U.S. government threw tear gas at them. It’s shocking, and it’s immoral.’

It’s pretty bad when you’re such a horrible person that a church calls you out on it, but that’s exactly what kind of person Donald Trump is. He’s a flim-flam that has pulled the wool over the eyes of the people on the religious right. Trump cares nothing for his fellow human beings; he only cares about causing as much destruction to this country as he can while he’s still in office.

Featured Image Screenshot via The Christian Post