JUST IN: House Democrats Have Set Their Sights On Michael Cohen


Due to his cooperation with investigators, it seems that Michael Cohen is the most sought-after asset within the Mueller investigation orbit, as everyone seems to want a piece of him and as plea agreements are being constructed.

Now, Democrats in the House are calling for him to testify, as they feel that he would be an invaluable witness for their onslaught of upcoming questions, once they take the over as majority, come January 2019. Per Politico, The Hill reports that the House Judiciary Committee, House Oversight Committee and the Government Reform Committee all want to give him a platform to get to the bottom of their questions regarding the Trump campaign and Trump’s business dealings.

Illinois Democrat Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi said:

‘Cohen knows where the documents and evidence are to actually back up his statements or to refute something what the president says, so that’s all the more reason that he should be brought in at some point’

Trump is intimidated by his major midterm loss and for good reason. On November 7, that was made very obvious when he called for unity and bipartisanship, like a scared idiot. He knows that his reckless leadership and dirty past will be exposed for what it all really is and that his time is up, as it relates to not having any form of check and balances.

The next Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, made it very clear that all of Trump’s discrepancies will be examined with a fine-tooth comb and she confirmed that he will be an absolute priority, come January.

Maryland Reo. Jamie Raskin also could not contain his excitement about having access to Cohen, stating:

‘[Cohen] has a lot to say about a lot of different things that are in the preview of the Oversight Committee and the Judiciary Committee, so I would expect that he has something to contribute to the congressional investigations of the lawlessness of the Trump administration’

The more that that Cohen spills the more notorious he becomes, and for Democrats and any truth-seekers, it is a welcomed pain in Trump’s backside.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.