Putin & Saudi Prince Meet At G20 Summit – The Video Has People Livid


In a moment that will surely make your skin scrawl, two murderous dictators shared a seemingly “job well done” high five, full of smiles, at the G20 Summit today in Argentina.

All eyes are on Donald Trump as he mixes and mingles with world leaders this weekend; particularly how he interacts with Russian President Vladimir Putin (after canceling his planned one on one) and Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman (because of his weak response to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi).

In a moment that seems to point at Putin’s control over Trump, the Russian president and bin Salman shared an attention-grabbing high-five. Immediately, Democrats seized on the moment. Senator Menendez of New Jersey tweeted this:

What were all the smiles about, and that strong high-five? What exactly do the two dictators know? It’s almost like a sinister inside joke.

Senator Chris Murphy also chimed in.

Trump may not have an action plan when it comes to confronting, well, any world leader, but that doesn’t mean others aren’t doing their job as well. Democrats and some Republicans on the Hill are demanding answers regarding Khashoggi’s killing. He was a vocal opponent of Saudi leadership who had a platform with The Washington Post.

Notice Trump in the background, as he enters the room. He seems to smirk at two leaders’ high-five. I don’t think that being owned by United States rivals is something you should be proud of, Donald, then again you likely think you’ll come out of all of this unscathed.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.