Russia Retaliates After Trump Cancels Meeting With Putin (DETAILS)


Trump prompted¬†tons of speculation from all around the world yesterday, as he announced that his one on one meeting with Putin during the G20 Summit in Argentina was cancelled. Trump’s excuse? The current tensions between Russia and Ukraine at sea. While Trump and Co. were in the air, headed towards their destination, news on the ground of Michael Cohen’s new plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller was spreading like wildfire.

Based on history and what everyone currently knows about how Trump handles stress, particularly the Mueller investigation, we all know he doesn’t handle it well and those close to him report that he often becomes “enraged” and completely consumed by the latest developments.

Today Russia’s foreign minister, Maria Zakharova, announced that Russia is not buying Trump’s weak excuse for the cancellation of the planned meeting between he and Putin. What’s worse is that the foreign nation is calling out Trump and administration with the truth, stating that the real reason is the current “US domestic political situation.”

‘Was the provocation organized by Kiev in this region the real reason for cancellation?

‘Publicly, we heard just such an explanation, we took note of it. Is this a reality? I think that you still need to look for answers in the US domestic political situation’

It is a sad time for American history and politics when a rival nation is seemingly more truthful than our own president.

On Thursday, prior to Trump officially casting doubt and then cancelling the meeting with Putin, he had publicly stated:

‘I probably will be meeting with President Putin. We haven’t terminated that meeting. I was thinking about it, but we haven’t. They’d like to have it.”

Shortly after this announcement and just after the Cohen news broke, Trump cancelled.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.