GOP Congressional Win ‘Retracted’ After Fraud Discovered & Liberals Are Cheering


During any major election, a lot goes on at any given time. Errors can easily be made, elections get drawn out for weeks and weeks, calls are nail-bitingly close and sometimes nominees even concede too early, only to retract their concession.

The Associated Press retracted their call in North Carolina for a Republican running for House. There are deep concerns of voter fraud in Bladen county, so much so that the State Board of Elections and Ethics Reform have not certified results of the congressional race in its 9th District.

‘The North Carolina board of elections cited ‘claims of irregularities and fraudulent activities related to absentee by-mail voting’ when it said it would delay certifying the results. The body voted 7-2 on Friday to hold a hearing into the concerns.

Weeks ago, Democrat Dan McCready conceded to Republican Mark Harris, stating that he would not request a recount.

The North Carolina Democratic Party are praising the vote, and anticipate the results of what the investigation may find. Their statement, in part, read:

‘The board’s bipartisan decision to delay certification and fully investigate the concerning allegations.’

Officials have said they were floored about the high number of absentee ballots submitted in the county, per The Washington Post.

Funny how Donald Trump was the one stating that certain people go to vote, only to return to their vehicles and put on a disguise and come back and vote again. Take it from a Commander-in-Chief career criminal to distract attention away from himself and his affiliates. Maybe his words were an inside-look at how his party, Republicans, play dirty? Who knows?

Take a look at what McCready said on the matter, via his Twitter account.

Something is certainly fishy in Bladen County; over 96 percent of votes cast for Harris was in the form of absentee ballots, which certainly raised the red flags initially. If the votes in Bladen County turn out to be illegal, it will be yet another victory for Democrats, and that has Trump nervous.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.