High School Moron Wearing Nazi Symbol Gets Instant Karma From Black Student (IMAGE)


With the recent rise in hate crimes being committed against minorities, so has the rise in response to those hate crimes. When you have a president that tries to brush off white supremacy, you end up having individual citizens having to take action for themselves and others.

One black student at Mountain Vista High School in Colorado did just that after he took action and punched another white student who was known to wear Nazi insignias and Nazi garb.

The incident actually happened back in August; however, the video went viral at the end of November after it was revealed on social media.

The Denver Post reported:

‘Video of the fight at the Highlands Ranch school rocketed around social media this week after a Twitter user from Baltimore posted it to his feed.’

The incident began with the white student performing a pose from gaming memes; however, that same pose is identified as a pose used by the KKK to represent a burning cross. The black student called the white student out for the pose. Later on, they were in the school courtyard when the black teen punched the white teen.

‘Next, the two students were walking side by side in a courtyard area as dozens of others milled about. Then, the black student abruptly punched the white student in the face. After a few seconds, the white student got up, picked up a landscaping rock and threw it at the other student. He missed.’

Police indicated the fight continued after the white student tried to run away; however, the black student pursued him and kicked him while on the ground. The white student also called the black student a racial slur.

The Denver Post reported both students were arrested and charged.

‘The white student was charged with harassment, disorderly conduct and criminal attempt assault, while the other student was charged with assault, harassment and disorderly conduct. There were no charges of a hate crime, Bronner said.’

Although many students made claims that the white student was known to wear Nazi symbols on his jacket, the school was sure to note he didn’t have any on that day. After reviewing the white student’s Instagram, it’s beyond obvious he has a love for white supremacy like no other.

Here’s a video of the white student proudly displaying his Nazi flag at a campsite he made for himself.

Here are some pictures of him donning a replication of the Nazi uniform.

Image via Twitter.
Image via Twitter.

What’s funny about this is the fact that this incident remained under wraps for months before it was revealed by the twitter user @benjancewicz or Benjamin Jancewicz. Though the school administration would like to say it is an isolated incident, several other incidents of racism have occurred at Mountain Vista High School.

One incident occured when racist graffiti was spray-painted in the gym. The black coaches at the school claimed it was directed at them. One parent stated they felt the school could have handled it better.

‘The school could have handled the situation better. This was a teachable moment for our entire school and they initially tried to brush it under the rug. I hope they do better next time.’

Both students were reportedly suspended and have returned back to school since the incident.

Let’s establish something. Racism should never be swept under the rug. That’s why America is finding itself in the situation it is in. We brushed racism under the rug for far too long believing the Jim Crow days were over and systemic racism no longer existed.

Ben noted on his twitter that local channels had not picked up the story. It’s really hard to believe at least local stations wouldn’t pick up such an incident. Furthermore, it took one guy on Twitter digging deep on this story before local news would pick it up.

A former student of the school also reached out to Ben noting she had been contacted to come to the school and conduct training for the school staff.

Many have defended the white student saying it’s his right to freedom of speech to wear Nazi insignia. How hard is it to agree that such memorabilia does not belong in schools? Furthermore, the white student was never expelled or disciplined for the insignia or memorabilia beforehand. He was only expelled after he was punched in the face. Had the school actually addressed the issue of some ignorant child running around playing Nazi, perhaps the entire incident could have been avoided. You know, by addressing racism ahead of time and not when it’s become a rampant issue.

Featured image via Twitter.