Mueller Preparing To Bring The Russia Investigation To A Close: report


Anyone with even a tiny bit of common sense knows that Donald Trump has major ties to Russia. He has them now, and he had them long before he took over the presidency. That’s why special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, was put in place to investigate Trump’s dirty ties. Now the special prosecutor’s office has announced that they’re tying up the loose ends in the Russia investigation so hopefully, it’ll come to a close very soon.

Yahoo News reported that sources close to the investigation said that the matter could come to a conclusion in the next few weeks. This is big news considering Mueller’s prosecutors are planning to file memos on three of the most high profile defendants in the case — Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his former personal attorney Michael Cohen. We already know all three of those guys were in it up to their eyeballs with dirty foreign ties, so Mueller shouldn’t have any trouble convicting them.

That message that the investigation is almost over was reinforced Monday when Mueller’s office talked to congressional investigators as part of an ongoing discussion about whether new subpoenas for testimony by House and Senate committees might interfere with Mueller’s investigation.

The response was that it would not, at least in matters relating to alleged obstruction by the White House in the Russia investigation itself. A knowledgeable source close to the investigation said:

‘What we were told is that the investigation has reached a mature enough stage that they’ve basically talked to everybody they want to talk to.’

Hopefully, if all goes well, all those within Trump’s corrupt administration will be sent off to prison to think about what they’ve done, because what they’ve done is very un-American and Mueller is the man to bring them to justice. With today’s news that Mueller is getting ready to wrap things up, Trump must be sitting on pins and needles.

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