Rudy Giuliani Throws Psycho Pre-Dawn Mueller Tantrum Like A Dolt


Many parallels can be drawn between Nixon’s Watergate scandal and Trump’s Russian collusion scandal, including the mass attempt to smear investigators, prosecutors, and detractors instead of defending the actions of the president. One of the primary disseminators of this smear campaign is Trump’s unexplainably chosen attorney, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

After numerous tweets saying similar things about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the alleged conspiracy to upend American democracy between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russian government operatives, Giuliani sat for an interview on Sunday with radio program The Answer in New York on AM 970 and pushed his smear campaign. He began with Michael Cohen, a man he once called “an honest, honorable lawyer.”

‘They obviously exerted a lot of pressure on him. Mr. Cohen, unfortunately, has a history of significant lies in the past…This isn’t a search for the truth. It’s a witch hunt. This is what is wrong with these special prosecutors and independent counsels. They think they are God.’

Of the 33 indictments filed by Mueller that include charges of bank and tax fraud as well as perjury, Giuliani said that the Mueller investigation is violating the criminals’ rights.

‘They seemed to want to prosecute people at any cost, including the cost of ethical behavior and the rights of people.’

Apparently, Giuliani and Trump believe they have a “right” to get away with crimes with no accountability for them.

On December 7, Mueller will need to show a judge evidence of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s various lies to investigators, which violate his plea agreement. To be clear, prosecutors cannot simply say that someone lied. There must be proof.

‘They want [Paul Manafort] to give certain forms of evidence that would implicate the president in things that Mr. Manafort says are untrue. This kind of pressure can create the risk of tainted testimony.’

Rudy Giuliani is little more at this point than an accomplice to Donald Trump’s crimes.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube