Trump Has Massive Monday Morning Online Meltdown Over Mueller


Those who would hope that President Donald Trump would maintain some semblance of respect for U.S. democratic institutions have long had their hopes dashed. Donald Trump treats the government of the United States like his own personal playground.

Along these lines, he lashed out yet again this Monday about the Russia investigation as led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. His counter to the ongoing inquiry has morphed from drummed up but ultimately baseless jabs at its legitimacy to personal attacks on Mueller and his associates like Trump’s a schoolyard bully — or a mafia boss trying to launch an intimidation campaign or something.

This nonsense is the level Trump’s dragged the presidency to.

Monday morning, he ranted:

‘“I will never testify against Trump.” This statement was recently made by Roger Stone, essentially stating that he will not be forced by a rogue and out of control prosecutor to make up lies and stories about “President Trump.”.. Bob Mueller (who is a much different man than people think) and his out of control band of Angry Democrats, don’t want the truth, they only want lies. The truth is very bad for their mission!’

Why is his name in quotation marks?

Anyway, does Trump know Mueller personally? He has no basis for these hyperbolic claims that he’s a “rogue and out of control prosecutor” besides his own “gut” — which he touted as better equipped to handle problems than people’s minds in a recent interview.

The comment echoed his assertion during the campaign season that he primarily consults himself on foreign policy issues.

In reality, the world is much, much bigger than Donald Trump. Mueller is operating under the jurisdiction of the United States government and more specifically, the federal Department of Justice. He has taken no actions outside of the law and he and his associates have had to defend their decisions in court plenty of times at this point.

Trump just lives in a fairy tale — which isn’t promising considering the responsibilities associated with his present position.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot