Kellyanne’s Husband Responds To Eric Trump Attack Like A Boss


It’s no secret that George Conway, the husband of Donald Trump advisor and former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, is not a fan of the president. Whether he is simply more capable of reflecting the views of both himself and his wife since doing so does not threaten his job as it would hers or if the two simply disagree is anyone’s guess.

On Monday, Conway retweeted several posts questioning whether one of Trump’s tweets constitute obstruction of justice or witness tampering. The tweet in question involved Roger Stone, who has said publicly that he absolutely will not testify against Trump, although Stone lies so often that his declaration isn’t one to take seriously. Trump, however, certainly did.

Conway’s retweets, making his stance on the question of obstruction of justice clear, followed that tweet.

For some reason, Trump’s son, Eric, felt the need to weigh in on the matter, accusing Conway of disrespecting his wife by daring to criticize her boss.

Eric’s tweet is reminiscent of the one he issued about Omarosa Manigault-Newman after she went public with a recording of his wife making promises on the Trump administration’s behalf. At the time, Eric tweeted that he hates nothing more than people who are disloyal. He was quickly reminded by Twitter that his father has cheated on all three of his wives, including Eric’s mother. A lack of loyalty is not exactly a character trait the Trumps have any room criticizing.

In a hilarious turn of events, Conway then began retweeting post directly aimed at Eric Trump.

The feud has not yet ended on Twitter and is delightful to watch. Conway’s wife’s fawning and defensive attitude about any criticism of the president is nauseating to watch. Fortunately, there is at least one member of the Conway family who calls Trump out for his disgusting behavior.

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license