Meghan Embarrasses Herself LIVE On ‘The View’ Over Behar Feud


As the United States continues to grapple with the realities of the polarized political climate under President Donald Trump, some prominent political personalities continue their public meltdown. Meghan McCain, in her capacity as a co-host of The View, has been going at it with fellow co-host Joy Behar this week.

Their feud started after they disagreed live on air over whether it was appropriate to pivot from a discussion of the deceased former President George H.W. Bush to one of President Donald Trump and more specifically, his denial of climate change’s severity. Now during this Tuesday’s edition of the show, some noted that McCain remained sullen throughout the opening segment, offering little comment outside of some familiar attempts at defending the Republican line she represents.

Watch below.

Those attempts took a bizarrely harried turn when she lambasted co-host Whoopi Goldberg for being sensitive to Louisiana Republican U.S. Representative Steve Scalise’s personal history with gun violence. He’d been shot during an attack on a group of Republican lawmakers and left hospitalized for a considerable period of time from the incident, and Goldberg avoided making a quip with a metaphorical gun as the punchline in light of his Tuesday appearance on the show — which McCain took grave issue with.

She ranted that she will “still say gun on national television” because apparently that’s the major national gun related issue of the week… whether a talk show host says the word “gun” on television.

Talk about a persecution complex. Meanwhile, 13,455 Americans and counting have lost their lives to gun violence since January 1.

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Previously this week, McCain had taken issue with Behar over her complaining about President Trump’s rejection of climate science. Pressed about an inter-agency report his own administration released asserting we’re on a course to catastrophic temperature changes and slashes to American economic output, he told reporters it’s “fine” and he doesn’t believe it.

In response, Behar joined the many Americans concerned about the government’s inaction and insisted Monday that if she ever became a one-issue voter, it would be over climate change, noting the utter lack of seriousness with which Trump has approached issues George H.W. Bush might not have thought twice about.

McCain took grave issue with this thanks to concerns about civility — or something — and in an exchange that ended up getting cut off from the live feed, Behar eventually threatened to quit the show over the “entitled bitch” McCain.

The next stage of this tumult showed itself Tuesday.

McCain has previously made a name for herself outside of her talk show antics through means including throwing barbs at Donald Trump’s leadership — or lack thereof — at her father’s funeral. She has hardly earned a spot among the president’s favorite Republican political commentators — since he has those — considering the animosity.

Ironically enough considering her resentment at Behar’s criticism of the president, it’s not as though Trump’s carried on in a remotely “civil” fashion over her own father, having gone after him time and time again even as he approached death from brain cancer.

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