Over 400 Ex-DOJ Officials Protest Whitaker’s Unconstitutional Appointment


Although Donald Trump  would have you believe that he’s the leader of the law and order party, nothing could be farther from the truth. Trump breaks the law whenever he wants, as long as he thinks he will get something out of it. Take, for instance, the way he appointed Matthew Whitaker to acting Attorney General of the United States…it was an unconstitutional and illegal appointment. Now over 400 ex-DOJ employees are demanding that Whitaker be replaced by someone who’s actually been lawfully confirmed by Congress.

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Medium.com reported the DOJ alumni released a signed letter stating that Whitaker hasn’t been confirmed by the Senate and that he hasn’t been “fully vetted” for potential conflicts of interests. They went on to say

‘the Attorney General is responsible for ensuring that we are a nation of laws and that every citizen and every government official — including the President himself — is equally subject to those laws.

‘Because of the profound responsibilities the position entails and the independence it requires, it can only be filled by someone who has been subjected to the strictest scrutiny under the process required by the Constitution.’

The former members also asked Trump to follow the appropriate line-of-succession and replace Whitaker with the Deputy Attorney General who happens to be Rod Rosenstein.

These former members are aware that Whitaker has already said things like he didn’t believe a sitting president could be indicted or have to answer subpoenas. They are also aware that Whitaker has been a very vocal opponent of Robert Mueller’s investigation. So they know he’ll be more likely to let Trump skate away from any of his alleged illegal activities without having to follow the law.

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