Students Sing Christmas Song About ‘Killing Blacks’ In Class (VIDEO)


Ever since Barack Obama got elected to the presidency, bigots have felt free to come out of the closet and let their racism flag fly. Things only got worse after self-described white nationalist, Donald Trump, took over the reins in the White House. Now, racial insensitivity is completely out of control. Take for instance what happened in a Dover, Delaware classroom last week after an 11th-grade history teacher assigned his students the task of writing a jingle that had to do with the period of reconstruction. One of the student groups wrote a KKK inspired jingle singing “KKK, KKK, let’s kill all the blacks” set to the tune of Jingle Bells.

Apparently, someone wanted to make sure the rest of the world knew what was going on in Dover High School because he or she secretly recorded the students singing the song and released it…it’s now gone viral. Warning the video is choppy and quite disturbing.

Although there were lots of laughs from students in the audience, reported that School Superintendent William Habron didn’t find the song very funny. In a letter to the school district community, Habron called the event:

‘An incident of extreme racial insensitivity. While the incident was part of a classroom assignment dealing with the reconstruction period in American history, the impact was harmful.’

Habron and DHS Principal Peter Driscoll reportedly said they didn’t think the students had any malicious intent with the song…they were only doing what was required for the assignment. But, the district is going to review exactly what the assignment was and if the students vetted the song with the teacher before they stood up in class to sing it.

It doesn’t matter if the song was vetted by the teacher or not. Those students knew that what they were singing was wrong, and they should be held accountable as should their teacher for not stopping it before they could finish singing the filth.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube