Trump Retweets A Derpy Fan’s Psychotic Lies & Gets Instant Backlash


Donald Trump does not spend all of his time tweeting and watching television. In fact, the president also spends time seeking out people who tweet about him. One of those people was Charlie Kirk, who has written a new book Campus Battlefield: How Conservatives Can Win the Battle on Campus and Why It Matters. Maybe, Trump should look at the 700-point, three-percentage-point drop of the stock market before he retweets.

Ultra-conservative Kirk, 24, founded Turning Point USA with the unfortunate acronym of TPUSA in 2012 to “identify, educate, train, and organize (college) students.” The plan was to organize a “powerful conservative grassroots activist network.” Trump retweeted one of his tweets:

‘There are riots in socialist France because of radical leftist fuel taxes Media barely mentioning this America is booming, Europe is burning They want to cover up the middle class rebellion against cultural Marxism “We want Trump” being chanted through the streets of Paris.’

The French probably do not want to have an economy where the stock market has been so volatile. They just wanted a tax lifted. Granted, Republicans favor little government and no taxes. Just look at Trump’s huge debt-ballooning tax cut. What the French do need to know was that POTUS handed the cuts to his friends at the top of the economic chart. That might change their minds.

Trump tends to measure his success with the economy via the stock market. True, it has increased along the projectile set by President Barack Obama. However, these massive swings are disturbing, and nearly half of the population own any stocks at all. There are also rumblings of another recession coming.

French Riots via YouTube.

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