Republican Secretary Of State Opens Investigation Into New Senator


Incoming Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley may have thought his campaign for Sen. Claire McCaskill’s Senate seat was over; however, he’s got another thing coming.

With allegations of tax-payer paid staff being used for services related to his campaign, Missouri’s Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft has announced he will be opening an investigation to address the allegations.

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Before Republicans start whining about how Democrats are just sore losers, it should be noted Ashcroft is a Republican. The Hill reported they¬†obtained a letter that announced the office’s investigation.

‘In a letter dated Thursday to Brad Woodhouse of the Democratic-allied American Democracy Legal Fund, Ashcroft’s deputy general counsel Khristine Heisinger wrote, “This office will commence an investigation into the alleged offense.”‘

The organization made the allegations of misuse on November 2.

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In response to the news of the investigation, Hawley’s spokesperson Mary Compton noted they would be happy to cooperate with the investigation.

‘We are delighted to cooperate with the Secretary of State’s Office and put these ridiculous allegations to bed once and for all. These allegations are totally meritless and nothing more than a partisan attempt to slander the work of the Attorney General’s Office.

‘As we have said before, no taxpayer resources were ever expended for campaign purposes. And no government employees ever participated in campaign or political activities.’

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Right. So, the state’s own Republican secretary of state is opening an investigation into those ridiculous allegations for fun. There’s no way it can be a partisan attempt if the Republican secretary of state is willing to look into the allegations.

The Kansas City Star originally reported Hawley used political consultants to direct his office in an attempt to help further his political career.

‘Hawley’s out-of-state political consultants gave direct guidance and tasks to his taxpayer-funded staff and followed up to ensure the tasks¬†were completed, according to emails, text messages and other records obtained by The Kansas City Star.

‘Early in Hawley’s tenure, for example, emails sent by the consultants to state staff laid out plans to shape the attorney general’s image and agenda for the year ahead.’

Before the election, Sen. Claire McCaskill accused Hawley of misusing state resources.

‘It is against the law to use state resources for political gain. You cannot use taxpayer-paid staff to assist in any political purpose. The last (Republican) attorney general went to prison for utilizing his office and his state staff to promote him politically. Those are the facts.’

Hawley denied the accusations on the campaign trail also. He said:

‘From Day One, we’ve made combating human trafficking, taking on the opioid industry, protecting Missouri consumers a top priority. And I came into office wanting to do that and you can see that reflected in everything, from our notes, our meetings, our calendars, all of that from the very first.’

Except, you know, he had a consulting firm coming in directing his office and staff on how to roll out those policies fighting such major issues in a way that made him look good and increased his political profile.

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