JUST IN: Moscow Spy’s New Plea Deal Has Americans Beyond Furious


Maria Butina, the spy from Russia, who was also the NRA darling, has been trying to work out a plea deal the the U.S. government. Until now, she has pled not guilty. Butina was such a flight risk, the feds did not even let her get into a car sent by the Russian embassy in Washington, D.C. This Russian spy was arrested for “illegally acting as a foreign agent,” according to CNN. Now, it seems, she is ready for something else.

The plan, paid for by Moscow, was to infiltrate the conservative political movement at the highest levels. When Donald Trump appeared before the NRA, she asked him a question. Butina also led a delegation from the NRA to Russia, supposedly to create an arm of the NRA there. Of course, there was a problem with that.

President Vladimir Putin has had no intention of letting his people run around with guns, unlike the U.S. government. In actuality, she was trying to get next to the U.S.’s most powerful conservatives, but now she wants to change her story.

Part of Butina’s negotiating included the news that she was agreeable to flipping on her American boyfriend, Paul Erickson. He was powerful in the NRA and GOP. Rolling Stone reported: that she:

‘…offered to provide information to the government about his illegal activities.’

Her attorney, Robert Driscoll filed a motion to let her into the general jail population in November. Butina has been in isolation. He claimed:

‘(The) prolonged deprivation of human contact and interaction is starting to have a profound psychological impact on Ms. Butina.’

Driscoll said that she spent 22 hours a day:

‘In a steel-door cage the size of a parking space (and) unless the court intervenes, she will… ultimately require the attention of mental health professionals.”

The judge on the case, Judge Tanya Chutkan, refused that motion.

Butina’s attorneys and prosecutors just filed a two-page request asking for a “change of plea” hearing right away. She planned to plead guilty, according to the request.

The second page of the hearing request was signed by the U.S. District attorneys in Washington, D.C. and the attorneys for Butina.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.