Mueller Makes Power Move On Terrified Trump Family Business Executives


For the past week, all eyes have been on Michael Cohen and what his recent testimony has brought to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Donald Trump will have you believe that he’s innocent — he’s certainly tweeted it enough lately — but the fact is, that if it’s proven that Trump instructed Cohen to make those bribe payments to porn star, Stormy Daniels, and Playboy model, Karen McDougal, this is an impeachable offense.

Meanwhile, Trump is busy tweeting out his innocence, like he did yesterday while quoting Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera.

I guess since Geraldo said it, it makes it true, right? WRONG! What idiot would think Geraldo was a credible source anyway? Well, Trump pulls these alternative facts out of his ass for his base, because he knows they are buying every word of it. For example, these geniuses think Trump is “Winning,” that the press is wishing for something that doesn’t exist, and that Trump should “Fire Mueller now,” and this is only three of the hundreds of admirers who are doting on his every word.

Sorry, Trump fans. This is far from over because as The New York Times reported Sunday, Mueller is nowhere near finished investigating the Trump’s involvement in the “hush money” and other potential crimes.

According to the Times:

‘What the prosecutors did not say in Mr. Cohen’s sentencing memorandum filed on Friday, however, is that they have continued to scrutinize what other executives in the president’s family business may have known about those crimes, which involved hush-money payments to two women who had said they had affairs with Mr. Trump.’

The Times also reported that Cohen informed prosecutors that other Trump’s family business executives were involved in the hush money payments, including the Chief Financial Officer, Allen Weisselberg. It also remains to be seen what involvement Trump’s children had in this criminal activity.

Of course, everyone has declined to comment on these new allegations, but Mueller is on it and you know Trump is shaking in his boots!

Featured image via Flickr.