Trump Throws W.H. Temper Tantrum Over Low Staff Moral & Disloyal Aides: report


The fact that the Trump administration still hasn’t completely filled all the positions that a normal president would have filled by now shows that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. His mismanagement of the White House is astounding. Now word comes that Trump is really pissed off and can’t understand why no one wants to be his Chief of Staff. His current Chief of Staff, John Kelly, will be fleeing the White House in just a few short weeks.

The Wall Street Journal reported that sources told them that Trump has been whining about his “disloyal” aides and the low morale in the West Wing. The sources told the Journal that Reince Priebus, Trump’s former Chief of Staff, and his current one, John Kelly, both found Trump to be extremely difficult to manage. They both also complained about how hard it is to keep Trump’s administration on-message and disciplined in pursuit of their goals.

As far as the search for the person who will be replacing the fleeing John Kelly, the search isn’t going very well. Both of Trump’s top choices, aide Nick Ayers and┬áRep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), both refused to work for him, so now the search is back on for someone foolish enough to take the job. Considering Trump’s White House is a total disaster, the person who eventually accepts the mission will be walking into a nightmare.

It’s really kind of funny watching this administration fall apart. Trump has always bragged that he only hires the “best” people, but that’s definitely not true. Trump is so bad at management, he has to take the first person who comes along no matter who that is. Only time will tell how long it’s going to take to find someone to accept the job.

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