White House Reporter Reveals Republicans Ready To Abandon Trump


Mr. Trump is facing increasing legal trouble as Special Counsel Mueller implicates him in more criminal acts. It has become clearer that the president directed his attorney Michael Cohen to commit crimes which include creating a shell corporation to make a hush-money payment to a porn star.

Now, Republicans are even beginning to get nervous and there is speculation that many may even abandon him soon. White House reporter Eli Stokols went on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” on Monday.

Stokols said:

‘And you’ve seen the president attacking Michael Cohen and basically asking the public to dismiss what he’s saying by saying, “Look, this guy is just trying to get a better deal for himself, don’t believe him.” But as Chris Christie pointed out, the Mueller investigation, Southern District of New York, they probably have a lot more evidence than just the word of Michael Cohen and that has to worry the president.’

Stokols went on to say:

‘Yes, he and Rudy Giuliani on some level believe they can continue to attack the investigators, to try and convince the public that there’s something nefarious and something politically motivated about this. But when all the facts are laid out and people can see the investigators’ work, I think it’s going to be very problematic for this president.’

The White House reporter said:

‘And there is some understanding, I think, inside the White House of just how dark it may be getting, especially in terms of conversations — private conversations — that people there are having with Republicans on the Hill who are starting to be concerned.’

Stokols explained how Republicans are feeling:

‘Republican lawmakers who are — have a huge role to play in this if it goes forward — are starting to tell me privately, some of them, that, you know, if there’s obvious evidence, the bottom is going to fall out.’

He said:

‘They’re not going to be able to stand by this White House and that’s a looming problem for the president.’

Stokols also explained that the White House is basically on stand by to witness whatever events unfold and cannot really control the outcome.

‘It’s much harder to stop what’s happening in that office as opposed to with the special counsel’s investigation. This train has left the station, there’s really nothing that this White House can do about it.

 ‘I think that’s a source of frustration to the president. Also, it’s difficult to politicize, it’s difficult to go out and demonize that office because, as you pointed out already, that’s a Trump appointee running that office.’
Mueller’s findings are unraveling on a daily basis and it is difficult to formulate how Mr.Trump won’t have to answer for his actions sometime very soon. The outlook is becoming darker for the president.
According to The Washington Post:
‘On Friday, federal prosecutors in New York implicated the president of the United States in a felony — a campaign finance violation to which Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty. As The Washington Post’s Philip Bump wrote, that was significant because it wasn’t just Cohen implicating Trump; it was the government doing it, in its own words.’

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner summed it up well when he said:
‘There is no Republican Party. There’s a President Trump Party.’

At what point will they decide they can no longer side with a criminal?

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube