Trump Goes On Tuesday Morning 5-Tweet Psycho Rant Like A Scared Felon


Donald Trump reminds us of a child who wants a certain toy and will not give up on any day ending with a “Y”. POTUS has been that way with his wall. Never mind that the wall would not stop people from seeking legal refuge from a place even worse than the place Trump creates for them. Never mind that a wall would not stop those coming by sea or air.┬áIn his early morning tweet, the president told us he wants to cool down the southern border by placing “Ice” (sic) on it.

That would be an unusual attempt to prevent refugees from entering the U.S. Misspelled words have become a measure of how angry Trump has been over his current situation. This was just one more tired attempt at trying to turn the subject away from his Russian woes. He tweeted the “large Caravans that WERE forming” and bringing “large scale crime and disease:”

‘Despite the large Caravans that WERE forming and heading to our Country, people have not been able to get through our newly built Walls, makeshift Walls & Fences, or Border Patrol Officers & Military. They are now staying in Mexico or going back to their original countries…….’

‘…..Ice, Border Patrol and our Military have done a FANTASTIC job of securing our Southern Border. A Great Wall would be, however, a far easier & less expensive solution. We have already built large new sections & fully renovated others, making them like new. The Democrats,…..’

‘….however, for strictly political reasons and because they have been pulled so far left, do NOT want Border Security. They want Open Borders for anyone to come in. This brings large scale crime and disease. Our Southern Border is now Secure and will remain that way…….’

‘…..I look forward to my meeting with Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi. In 2006, Democrats voted for a Wall, and they were right to do so. Today, they no longer want Border Security. They will fight it at all cost, and Nancy must get votes for Speaker. But the Wall will get built…’

Trump’s wall has become nearly worn out. After all, he has been talking about it for years now. People grow weary of it and, frankly, do not believe that the commander-in-chief can actually get his wall built. Does he realize that talking about his wall emphasizes how badly he has failed on that front?

Twitter world went wild. Check out some of our favorites below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.