Trump/Pelosi Meeting Turns Aggressive After Nancy Gives Donald Advice


The president is on the verge of an all-out meltdown, and this could be clearly seen Tuesday morning during a meeting with incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Things got heated after Pelosi urged Trump not to speak of his Mexican border wall to the media. Trump didn’t take kindly to the little woman giving him advice on how to president.

Trump said:

“The wall will get built. It is not an easy situation. We are on very opposite sides. I would not like to see a government closing, a shutdown. We have to take care of border security.”

Trump’s threats to shut down the government did not fall on deaf ears, as people immediately became enraged at the way the president puts his ego before the best interests of the country, like he even knows what those are.

Image via Associated Press

The House Speaker explained that the American people did not want a government shutdown.

Pelosi rebutted, saying:

“I don’t think we should have a debate in front of the press on this. There are no votes in the House, majority votes, for the wall.”

Trump was not very happy about Pelosi giving him lip, as can be seen by his aggressive demeanor in the image captured above by AP Photojournalist Evan Vucci.

Trump replied with:

“Nancy, we need border security. We need the wall.”

According to Washington Times:

“Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer said, gesturing forcefully at the president, “We have a lot of disagreements here. We do not want to shut down the government.””

“The unprecedented on-camera squabbling played out in full view of the press pool, which Mr. Trump had invited into the meeting after it was initially scheduled as closed.”