James Comey Appears On ‘MSNBC’ & Sends Impeachment Chill Down Trump’s Spine


If Donald Trump is ever actually held legally accountable for his actions during the 2016 presidential campaigns and his time in the White House, the star witness for the prosecution will surely be former FBI Director James Comey.

Comey described the infamous meeting with Trump during which he requested that the FBI director “let this go” regarding the investigation into his national security director, Michael Flynn.

According to Mediaite, Comey said:

‘I was to tell him what the threat is inside the United States and I had some pretty hair-raising stuff to tell him and he seemed distracted…He said he wanted to talk about Mike Flynn and then in substance in that conversation he asked me — which I took as a direction —  to let it go.’

Wallace asked him about the surreal period following that conversation when Comey came to grips with the idea that the president was attempting to obstruct justice.

‘Obviously, it’s evidence of obstruction of justice so how to handle that was something we struggled with and we decided to keep it tight for two reasons. First, we didn’t want to infect the investigative team and didn’t want them to know the president just said drop that investigation.’

The MSNBC host also asked Comey if the country should consider Trump an “unindicted co-conspirator” following the revelation by his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, that Trump had directed him to commit felony campaign finance violations. Comey answered that the distinction isn’t yet official, but that doesn’t mean it can be ruled out.

‘If he’s not there, he’s close.’

See the full interview below:

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