Ocasio-Cortez Torches Kellyanne Conway Responding To Her Phony Wednesday Outrage


The right appears to be absolutely terrified of the young and very popular Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who broke all the political norms by beating a long-time incumbent for her seat with only a small percentage of the same money from donations to her campaign.

After Kellyanne Conway had some dismissive and insulting words for the new congresswoman, Ocasio-Cortez shot back with a response on Twitter.

Her response came after Conway offered a scathing opinion regarding Ocasio-Cortez’s intelligence after the congresswoman called out Chief of Staff John Kelly for his earlier lies about Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL).

Conway commented on the tweet during an appearance on Fox News. The Washington Post reports her as having said:

‘He is in his fifth decade of public service, and this country owes him a debt of gratitude, not the nonsense that’s been spewed about him, even recently from the left and from this 29-year-old congresswoman who doesn’t seem to know much about anything when you ask her basic concepts about the economy, the Middle East, military funding — really embarrassing.’

To be clear, there’s no “nonsense” being “spewed” about Kelly from the left or anyone else about his remarks regarding Rep. Wilson. He made accusations about things she said during an event in Florida that were proven to beOf lies in a video from the event.

Of course, Conway works for a habitual liar who sits in the highest office in the land but displays on a regular basis that he doesn’t understand the U.S. Constitution or how the government works. Numerous members of his administration have had to stop him from violating the Constitution as well as federal law repeatedly.

Ocasio-Cortez, for the record, holds degrees in both economics and international relations from Boston University.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube