Trump’s Humiliating Brain Malfunction During Private Meeting Leaked By Hollywood Star


Donald Trump has a difficult time distinguishing between fact and fantasy. He makes up a whopper and tells it so many times that he actually believes it. Yet, this time, POTUS took a run and dove right over the cliff of reality.

Actor Christian Bale was on the red carpet, because his new political comedy Vice premiered. He played former vice president Dick Cheney. When he passed by Variety., he told a story about the president of these United States that should make everyone shudder and have nightmares for a month.

Bale said that he was on the set filming Batman 2012 sequel The Dark Knight Rises in Trump Tower. Then, the president-to-be came up to him and invited him to his office. The actor said “he thought I was Bruce Wayne:”

‘We were filming on Batman in Trump Tower and he said, come on up to the office. I think he thought I was Bruce Wayne because I was dressed as Bruce Wayne. So he talked to me like I was Bruce Wayne and I just went along with it, really. It was quite entertaining. I had no idea at the time that he would think about running for president.’

Bruce Wayne was the alter-ego of Batman. The fictitious wealthy¬† philanthropist also owned Wayne Enterprises. In the story line, Batman’s alter-ego saw someone murder his parents, then swore vengeance against all criminals.

That leaves people with the question of whether Trump truly is capable of being the president. They can decide whether he can be an actor, too, below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.