JUST IN: Mueller Has The President’s Infamous Tax Returns (DETAILS)


The president’s day just got a whole lot worse. News just broke that Robert Mueller has had his very capable hands on the president’s tax returns since the beginning of his investigation, but just how much they have helped in leading to further investigations, or even indictments, is yet to be seen.

According to Chuck Rosenberg on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

“No question in my mind from day one, Nicolle. The first thing white-collar prosecutors do — Dan knows this, and I was one — is you get tax returns and you get credit reports and the reason you get those two things — and they’re not hard to get, you get tax returns with an order from a federal judge, you get credit reports with a grand jury subpoena, is because those are the documents that give you leads. They tell you where the money is coming from and going and they tell you who to talk to to get more leads. So does Mueller have Trump’s tax you bet.”

Check out the video that sent Trump into sheer panic mode when he saw it below:

The president, who is soon-to-be vacationing in Mar-a-Lago for the next two week over the Christmas holiday, has been silent about these revelations,  but you can be sure that he is well aware of how screwed he is.

A few people commenting on the tweet above gave their perspective of what this means for the president. Check out their reactions below: