Trump Tweets About National Guard’s Birthday & Gets Hammered Instantly


Donald Trump has never been to a war zone, since he took office. Why? Because he said that he was afraid of getting hurt. This is not about POTUS. It should be about him considering the military. Yet, if he really was pro-military, he would not let three of his ill-informed buddies at Mar-a-Lago shadow govern the VA. The so-called commander-in-chief would make certain that veterans got the money promised to them for school tuitions. Instead, he lets his administration drag its feet until some veterans lose their homes.

His tweet on the National Guard’s 382nd birthday did not sound as if the president wrote it. Instead, it appeared to be a boiler plate that one of his communications people sent out. That was unfortunate, because the National Guard and all veterans and military personnel deserve at least a few minutes of the Twitter king’s attention:

‘Happy 382nd Birthday @USNationalGuard. Our entire Nation is forever grateful for all you do 24/7/365. We love you! #Guard382’

The National Guard is the nation’s longest-serving military group. Every one of the 50 states has its own National Guard units. For a long time, it was considered the most secure branch. That all changed when the other military branches became too thin to carry the weight of all the wars politicians got the country into.

During the Vietnam war, people usually served two years, then they went home. All that has changed. Some members of the National Guard have been back well into the double digits. People used to go home if they were seriously wounded. Now, the military is expected to go back, even though they have serious head injuries, and sometimes even amputations.

Our National Guard deserved a few moments of gratitude from the Twitter king. They deserved far, far better.

Twitter world went wild. Check out some of our favorite tweets below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.